Destin Mold Sprayers



Most mold problems can be found quite easily, with minor investigation. (Saving money & time)

Many times a quick walk through the attic and around the home can be enough to find the source of moisture and therefore the mold. Other times mold can be hidden inside wall cavities or underneath flooring materials. Investigative testing is then employed to pin-point areas and rooms with elevated levels of mold spore activity.  That’s why Moldsprayers offers  free walk-through estimates!

We need to see the problem in order to give you the best price for fixing it.

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Mold Removal and Remediation

Investigation – We will help you find the extent of damage and the source of moisture.(Leaky roof, plumbing, etc.)

Containment – We will create a negative-air environment using HEPA filtered air-scrubbers and maintain containment throughout the life of the project. (Eliminating cross-contamination)

Demolition – We will remove any finishing materials described in our bid or deemed contaminated, carefully checking each area to remove only what’s necessary. (avoiding high replacement costs)

Dry-out – We will provide dehumidifiers until acceptable moisture readings are obtained from the wood framing.

Initial treatment – We will heavily-spray the contaminated area with our deep-penetrating, EPA-approved chemical that kills even some of the most resilient molds, bacteria and viruses. (Many hospitals use this in surgery rooms!)

Scrub-down –“We will remove as much mold as possible first, using HEPA-Vac and wiping techniques as necessary to prepare the contaminated materials for treatments. (This makes treatments much more effective)

Final-treatment –“We will apply our chemical again, using a thermal fogger to ensure a deep penetration between the materials, killing any deep rooted molds that may have avoided the initial treatment. (This adds to our assurance  that even the deepest mold-growth is eliminated)

Encapsulation-coating – We will coat the material and surrounding areas with Aftershock™ fungicidal coating. (Which is not only an anti fungal coating, but also is proven to KILL some residual molds on the materials coated!)

Ozone Shock Treatment – Industrial strength ozone generators eliminate spores, bacteria and virus, as well as the persistent odors they cause!

Clearance-testing – If required, we will have a neutral, third party, state-licensed mold assessor perform clearance testing between 2 and 5 days following the remediation completion. (Timing is mandatory if clearance is requested, and remember, remediation professionals cannot test their own work, by FL. state law)