1. Investigation – We will help you find the extent of damage and the source of moisture.(Leaky roof, plumbing, etc.)
  2. Containment – We will create a negative-air environment using HEPA filtered air-scrubbers and maintain containment throughout the life of the project. (Eliminating cross-contamination)
  3. Demolition – We will remove any finishing materials des
  4. cribed in our bid or deemed contaminated, carefully checking each area to remove only what’s necessary. (avoiding high replacement costs)
  5. Dry-out – We will provide dehumidifiers until acceptable moisture readings are obtained from the wood framing.
  6. Initial treatment – We will heavily-spray the contaminated area with our deep-penetrating, EPA-approved chemical that kills even some of the most resilient molds, bacteria and viruses. (Many hospitals use this in surgery rooms!)
  7. Scrub-down“We will remove as much mold as possible first, using HEPA-Vac and wiping techniques as necessary to prepare the contaminated materials for treatments. (This makes treatments much more effective) 
  8. Final-treatment“We will apply our chemical again, using a thermal fogger to ensure a deep penetration between the materials, killing any
    deep rooted molds that may have avoided the initial treatment. (This adds to our assurance  that even the deepest mold-growth is eliminated)
  9. Encapsulation-coating – We will coat the material and surrounding areas with Aftershock™ fungicidal coating. (Which is not only an anti fungal coating, but also is proven to KILL some residual molds on the materials coated!)
  10. Ozone Shock Treatment – Industrial strength ozone generators eliminate molds, bacteria & viruses as well as the persistent odors they cause!
  11. Clearance-testing – If required, we will have a neutral, third party, state-licensed mold assessor perform clearance testing between 2 and 5 days following the remediation completion. (Timing is mandatory if clearance is requested, and remember, remediation professionals cannot test their own work, by FL. state law)