Method of Mold Removal

Mold Removal Method  and Remediation 

After the unsalvageable materials are safely removed, MOLDSPRAYERS uses only “Shockwave”TM anti-microbial and “Aftershock”TM fungicidal coating on our jobs. These products are E.P.A registered and have been proven to be effective in many years on the market. The fungicidal coating afterwards helps to avoid re-contaminating materials and serves to beautify and protect the materials long into the future. And it’s the only anti-fungal coating we know of that has been proven to kill some residual molds underneath the coating as well as provide years of protection.

This products uses “Fiber-lock” technologies, formulated together with “Micro-ban” and “Nuocide”, which are powerful, broad-spectrum biocides and anti-microbials! Then we clean the entire areas with HEPA-Vac and wiping techniques and use air-scrubbing and industrial strength ozone to clear the air throughout the unit, leaving the areas clean and ready for rebuild or testing. *We have been performing mold remediation for over a decade, and have never had a major complaint or lawsuit against us!


New Construction

We offer a fast, affordable, and effective treatment and a top-of-the-line fungicidal coating for wood materials to help avoid, or treat, contamination during construction. Even most large projects can be completed within 1-7 DAYS, allowing construction to continue on schedule and under budget. (BUILDERS! See contractors page and ask for references of recent large-scale jobs!)

We consider our customers “CLIENTS FOR LIFE” and will be happy to offer a free consultation and walk through bid for this or any other building you may own at any time in the future. , We actually live here and appreciate every one of our clients very much!

We are the Destin Mold Removal Specialist!