My name is Paul Willner and I’m a Licensed & Certified home inspector, mold inspector, and mold remediation expert. I started dealing with mold in my carpet cleaning and restoration company in Colorado in 1998, it was called “A full-scrub carpet-shampoo” and we dealt mostly with mold in basements and flooded floor coverings. When I moved to Florida, I started P.C.H.I. as a home inspection business. Since becoming certified for mold assessment and mold  remediation in 2005, I decided to specialize only mold issues, and over the last decade we have become experts at finding and solving all type of mold problems. ALL WE DO IS MOLD!!! It has quickly become our main business and now we’re called “MOLDSPRAYERS LLC

We specialize in mold problems, in homes, attics, and crawlspaces and even during construction! We kill mold problems in a very fast, effective and economical manner! We also keep a small, experienced crew, and own all of our-own tools and machines, which means faster job completion at a lower cost for you. I personally guarantee that you will experience a level of professional service, effectiveness and integrity that is unsurpassed! This is the only method taught by the “South Eastern Mold Institute”. Where I received my specialized training. Our products, methods, and safety-protocols are E.P.A.~approved, tried and proven.

I will help to establish how you got the mold, and find the fastest, most effective plan for getting rid of it! Most projects are finished within ten days, and we can normally respond within 24-hours!

We are proud to be one of the first in the state of Florida to be licensed for BOTH assessment and remediation, as we had already be doing both for years prior to the Florida mold licensure laws. Licensing can be checked at anytime at www.myfloridalicense.com